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Loving Messages From Spirit!

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Hello, Welcome & Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Leisha and I am a Natural Born Professional Psychic Medium. I have been psychic and empathic my entire life! I grew up feeling different from other people and now realize that it was my psychic gifts which made me feel different. I conduct all readings through my clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient & empathic abilities. I also use automatic writing. All information in your reading comes from my higher self, your higher self, our guides, angels, friends, family and loved ones in Spirit and the Akashic Records and is given to you with truth and integrity! You can also find me on FACEBOOK at THE TRAVELING PSYCHIC MEDIUM-LEISHA and on INSTAGRAM at TRAVELING PSYCHIC MEDIUM​-LEISHA. You may have also read with me/know me as LoveBug41.

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 Most recently, I was honored to be a guest not once, but twice, on the podcast BE UNSTOPPABLE with Mel Andre! Just go to the purple podcast app on your iphone or wherever you listen to podcasts at and search for BE UNSTOPPABLE! My first episode aired October 6th, 2019 and the second one aired February 3rd, 2020. You may have also seen the article written about me and my work in Voyage Dallas Magazine in the fall of 2017. I also filmed an episode of Medium Rare with Liisa, on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. That episode aired in January of 2018. I absolutely LOVE my work and channeling spirit to help others! It's my life's work and passion!  

Please see the "NEW BOOKS" page here on my website to read about and see where to purchase my NEW BOOK-

 THOUGHTS? How We Deal With The Obstacles In Our Lives by Mel M. Andre & Leisha Olesch.

I am currently traveling abroad & loving doing readings for clients all around the world!.

 My home state is Texas. I have most recently become an Ex Pat living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

It is my honor to offer all kinds of readings to my clients wherever they are in the world! I conduct Psychic Mediumship Readings via Phone, Text & Facebook Messenger. I also offer in person private readings, both in person & phone group readings & home cleansings. As always, phone readings can be done no matter where in the U.S. or world you are and are calling from. There is no need to be local to me to have a phone or text reading. I have clients from all over the world that I read for on a regular basis, and they are done over the phone or through the apps Whatsapp or FB Messenger.  All readings are the same and the information that you receive will be the same, no matter if you choose a phone or in person reading. It is just personal preference on the part of the client. I always welcome new clients! I am also available for group readings, both in your home and/or Metaphysical Store and for parties. I often travel all over the U.S. to read for clients and groups of their friends, family and co-workers. Please contact me for prices on group readings or parties. The prices for my Readings & Spiritual Mentoring Sessions are here on my website. Please see the "SERVICES"  "SPIRITUAL MENTORING" & "PURCHASE READINGS" PAGES for more information and to make your purchase. 

Please give me a call and allow me the honor of reading for you and answering any questions you have. The more specific questions you ask our guides, the more specific answers you will get. I specialize in OPEN CHANNELING as well! Sometimes, we are not meant to know everything, and Spirit will only give us the answers we are meant to know at that time. If they tell us everything, that will inhibit our growth and there will be no surprises left. We all have FREE WILL and sometimes the outcome of a reading may change, due to the fact that people always have the option to exercise it. Please remember that things take time to work themselves out. The Universe has its own DIVINE TIMING and there is just no way to rush it. Thank you and I look forward to reading for you soon.


Testimonial: I had a reading with Leisha not long ago and I was VERY impressed with the detail and over all information she was able to deliver! I have worked in this field for over 30 years and am a reader myself, I must say it was one of the best I have ever had. I can highly recommend her!

D.C. Simon 3-26-18

ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!! You answered so many questions. It is clear that I am heading in the right direction!

Shannon ~ 9-15-18

Thank you Leisha! You always help me understand why it is that I’m feeling the way I do. I just truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I love my readings with you!

Katrina, 2-19-18

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

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A Message from Leisha