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Loving Messages From Spirit!

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WELCOME & THANK YOU for visiting my website...

I'm currently living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

I also spend A LOT of time traveling abroad and doing readings for clients all around the world! I have been a Psychic Medium my entire life. I grew up feeling VERY different from other people and have since realized that it was my PSYCHIC/MEDIUMSHIP/EMPATHIC abilities. All information in your reading comes from Spirit.

I am just the telephone between the Client and the Spirit World! All readings are confidential and conducted with the utmost of integrity and truth. 

You can also find me on social media at the following:

FACEBOOK: Chats & Travels With Spirit

INSTAGRAM: Chats & Travels With Spirit

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  I was honored to be a guest not once, but twice, on the podcast BE UNSTOPPABLE with Mel Andre! 

 My first episode aired 10/6/19 and the second one 2/3/20.

 I also filmed an episode of Medium Rare with Liisa, on Manhattan Neighborhood Network January 2018.

  You may have also seen the article written about me and my work in 

Voyage Dallas Magazine in the fall of 2017 as well as additional articles also there in 

Voyage Dallas Magazine in 2021!

I am also a published author. See the NEW BOOKS page here on my website for information on where to purchase the book that I contributed a very personal chapter of my life to.


Testimonial: I had a reading with Leisha not long ago and I was VERY impressed with the detail and over all information she was able to deliver! I have worked in this field for over 30 years and am a reader myself, I must say it was one of the best I have ever had. I can highly recommend her!

D.C. Simon 3-26-18

Since I first started following you, my whole demeanor about life has changed.  I am more alive, happy and I am not afraid to take chances now. So, thank you for that!

Barbara, 7/21

I've read with Leisha many times. I had an aunt come through and told me to live my best life and called me by a name she used to call me when I visited her. I broke down. So much information in a lot of areas of my life. Thank you Leisha for an amazing reading! 

Sheila G. 7/30/21

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

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A Message from Leisha